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Geo-targeted Banners

Taking the advantage of your IP targeted banners

The IPSmart geo-targeted Banner system has been developed using Flash technology that combines the facility for your personalized message to be displayed alongside text relevant to the person that is viewing it. Add a link or a banner to your page, and you will begin earning revenue from one of the highest payouts in the dating industry.

This simple application, with professional backend support and administration, is easy to set up and manage, and helps address global opportunities. It’s now more important than ever to control your traffic! Thinking globally in regards to your incoming and outgoing web site traffic and potential customer base is more important now than ever before. With an estimated 600 million people surfing the Internet every day, approximately 180 million originate from North America. Asia and Europe accounts for about 377 million surfers, with Middle East and Latin America making up the balance of approx 38 million surfers
(Source Nua).

By detecting the geographic location of a visitor your banner can assign default languages and targeted text messages. Traffic is the basis for the success of any web site, but having the ability to manage that traffic is the true key for success. Since the Internet is a global community, not all of your traffic will originate from your home country. If you don’t have a system in place to detect and direct foreign traffic you are losing guaranteed income every day. How much longer can your business afford this?

Conventional banners are well known as having a low conversion rate; a survey recently pointed out that when a surfer is viewing a web page, his eyes automatically look away from banners. This is why creative designers try many tricks of movement, or try to make a conventional banner appear to be part of the page. Surfers seek text in order to find information, and it is therefore more effective to have an article, a link or both, to encourage someone to stop and read something that is interesting for them…. And this is where IP banners come into their own....

Web site owners who rely on advertising revenue to keep their sites alive, know that every click is valuable. And since Web users have become largely immune to ads after the excessive pop-ups and in-your-face animations of the past year, anything that attracts their attention automatically gives your site an edge over the competition. So what could be better than ads that are localized to the user's region and thus directly relevant to him or her?

Consider the following example: A user logging in from Italy might have little interest in a general ad for cheap pizza, since she lives in the country that invented it. But show that same user an ad extolling the fuel efficiency of the latest Fiat city car, which is for sale locally, and you're quite likely to get a click, since many Italians like that brand of automobile. Localized advertising, if used wisely, can significantly help a Web site raise its clickthrough rate, and hence revenue.

Take another example – if you live in Florida and are looking for places to visit in Miami and you see a line of text that says:

Are you looking for places to go in Miami? Click here for more info….”. The likelihood is that you'll respond.

The relevance is that the system has recognized that you are from Miami and added this City name to the line of text. This facility increases your conversion rate substantially with an increase in click-through rate of up to 30% or more depending on the page relevance.

Advertising your banners on your own front page

Use targeted banners in as many ways as you can in order to attract members to your registration page. If you’re seeking a date from [surfers city name] click here to become part of our [surfers city name] dating community.

The effect of IP driven text like this is astonishing, with an outstanding conversion rate. You can create as many of these banner ads as you wish and put them on as many locations as you like, each time making them both relevant to the surfer as well as the page that you place them on.

If you want to place an ad on a site about restaurants, create a banner that is relevant to the subject as well as the surfers location. For example “Find a dinner date in Miami”

Making this work to find partners

Targeting banner ads for partners is particularly effective, as you can be more aggressive without misleading. For example:

“We are especially seeking Partners in Miami....for more information click here”