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Frequently Asked Questions for the World Dating Partners

What Is The World Dating Partners Programme?

World Dating Partners was created in direct response to a growing need in the online dating marketplace for a state-of-the-art white label solution. Site owners and operators required a means to create and run high quality, advanced dating systems that were flexible enough to enable their members to make contact with others who were ideally matched to them – whilst having the ability to manage the vast costs and technological complexity that such sites require.

World Dating Partners’ first client was the hugely successful, and as word spread about what dating sites could achieve via our world-class system, we began to build-in additional functionality for each site that joined us, until today, when we have a platform that provides an infinite range of services, features and content, serving over 16,000 client sites.

The World Dating Partners System

World Dating Partners provides the administration system and database for some of the most successful dating sites in the world, such as SinglesCrowd™ and

All costs relating to maintenance, hosting, staffing and payments are our responsibility, leaving you free to concentrate on the marketing and promotion of your own business.

We also look after all of the 'back end' processes - member registrations and administration, partner registrations and administration, payments, reporting, as well as a suite of exclusive tools to help you successfully promote and market your site. Irrespective of your existing database format, we can usually integrate your systems into ours within a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks.

As a result of all this, your site has access to a vastly increased membership, you have massively reduced running costs, and you benefit from our world-class development programme. If you see a feature on another website that you'd like to include on yours - let us know - if we can't already offer it to you, we will do very soon!

The Registration Process

Once accepted for one of our partnership programmes, you will be asked to complete a short registration form which includes agreement to our Partnership Terms and Conditions. During this procedure you will need to provide specific data to determine your unique needs and requirements. This process begins with more general questions, for example whether you want to host a general dating or adult dating programme, followed by more specific questions, such as the exact type of site you need, the geographical region in which you want to operate, and the language base you will require. Finally we will ask you to provide your banking details and information on how you wish your commission earnings to be paid to you each month.

How Do I Customise My Site?

Much of the criteria that you stipulate for your site will be established during your registration process. You can choose from our large range of template sites, design and upload your own site, or speak to us about creating a design specifically for you.

Does It Cost Me Anything To Be A WDP Partner?

There is no cost to you in setting up a World Dating Partners site designed around your specific needs. We will help you to decide what type of site you need, enabling you to grow your business at the right pace, with the right level of complexity according to your experience and knowledge. For example, we can initially help you to build an excellent income from a pre-designed template site, before helping you move on to something that is more customised and complex, once you’ve gained the necessary experience.

Can I Use My Own URL (Domain Name)?

You can choose the way in which you host your new dating site, it’s entirely up to you. There are currently two options:

  • Your own URL (domain name To do this, select the correct option in your set-up procedure for using your own domain on your own web space or web server. Our programme will then create a web page for your new front page, which will automatically generate the rest of your website on your new URL whenever visitors click on all related links.
  • You can use a "virtual" URL that we create for you automatically. Our programme will generate a unique domain name for your personal use (you require no technical knowledge in making this happen). This domain name remains yours as long as you remain with World Dating Partners as one of our preferred partners. The set-up costs you nothing, and it provides you with a special web address in which to host your new dating site. An example of this could be:
  • How Do I Promote My Dating Site?

    We supply you with all the tools, resources and help that you need to promote your site effectively. You can add your own SEO tags and promote it via PPC or banners/emails. You can implement your own tracking tools to track your campaigns or use our online tracking system – it’s entirely up to you. Plus you can integrate with Google Analytics.

    How Do I Get Paid?

    All commissions are paid at the beginning of each month, the primary payment method to partners is by cheque. The bank transfer is also available as an option. Any further information can be found in the Remittances option in your administration area.

    If any membership fees are later refunded to the customer, or are charged-back by the customer, or if a customer's cheque is returned by the issuing bank, we will deduct the referral fee from the subsequent payment that we send to you. World Dating Partners reserves the right to terminate any partner whose site(s) generate an unacceptable level of charge-backs or bad cheques.

    Your Own 2-tier Partner Programme

    The World Dating Partner programme is structured as a two-tier system. In other words, we provide you with the facility to offer your own two-tier programme to others. This means that you can recruit your own partners, and earn 10% of the revenue that they generate.

    Under this system, anyone looking to join an affiliate programme can sign up through your own Partner Programme - it comes built-in to your site when you sign up with us - and all of the revenue that your partners generate contributes to your earnings. (Some of our partners earn more from their sub-partners than they do from their own dating sites).

    Every partner that joins through your site will become a sub-partner of your own main site. So, the more you promote us to the online community (via emails, banners word of mouth), and the more links into your site, the more income you will generate. It takes a little work to create a good network of link exchanges, listings and inclusions on other sites, but once you start to build it, and more importantly, to gain referrals from high-traffic sites, you'll see your income grow at an excellent rate.

    Terms And Termination

    Our terms and conditions will take effect when you sign-up to the programme and will cease when terminated by either party. You may terminate your relationship with us at any time, with or without cause, by providing us with written notice of termination.

    How Can I Contact World Dating Partners?

    We are available to all of our partners for questions and assistance at any time. You can contact us by clicking on the ‘Contact WDP’ link in the top navigation.

    When Will I Gain Access To Administration Utilities?

    Within 24 hours of signing-up with us, we will issue you with all of the necessary tools and utilities to enable you to view your account information and customise and market your website, including:

  • Choosing from our range of templates
  • Adding meta-tags
  • Changing partner details
  • Editing website information
  • Full HTML editing
  • Images and logo controls
  • Accessing your account administration area
  • Marketing your dating site
  • Once Again, What Are The Main Benefits Of Working With World Dating Partners?

  • Independent world-class dating system
  • Lucrative 2-tier partner programme
  • Full customisation and branding
  • Advanced administration control
  • Demographic data for calculating costs, revenues and profit
  • Statistical data for measuring traffic and links
  • Geographical or subject-specific sites
  • High level support
  • Own banner programme for partners
  • Zero hosting costs or other overheads
  • Operate in any language and currency
  • Exclusive marketing and promotional tools
  • Exceptional earnings potential