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World Dating Partners

World Dating Partners Business to Business opportunities

Our two-tier partner platform enables companies and individuals to utilize their contacts in the affiliate world to generate substantial, ongoing income streams. Simply invite your affiliate contacts to join our network and receive a 10% share of their lifetime earnings with World Dating Partners. Ask them to sign up as a partner using the following link: followed by your id. For example, if your partner id is 123456 then your URL would be

Any new affiliate that you sign up will receive 100% from all the sales made on their sites during a month when the first sale was made. Please read more about the exclusive Bonus offer as it is a great selling point to any potential affiliates that you are considering recruiting.

If you have a business-to-business website or an existing affiliate list, please remember to use the above link when promoting World Dating Partners, as this will increase your revenues even further.

Even greater opportunities exist when marketing in countries to touch markets, sites and companies where World Dating Partners is not yet established: in effect covering virgin ground without the competition. If you would like further information about these opportunities, please email us at

Franchise and Agency Solutions

World Dating Partners is seeking Agency and Franchise Partners to take our products and services across the world. We believe that a business is most successful when managed by people who truly know the marketplace, culture and business philosophies in which they operate.

If you are interested in representing the world's finest global dating services company then please contact us at:

World Dating Partners
Datech Limited
The Exchange
Express Park
Bristol Road
United Kingdom

Tel: +41 445 802 054
Fax: +44(0)12 7842 8049