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World Dating Partners

Create Affiliate dating websites in few clicks by using our pre-designed templates

Get ahead fast in the online dating industry with a pre-designed World Dating Partners template site. Select from an array of professionally-designed templates, and customise each one according to your own criteria. Very little time or effort is required to get up and running, and you can create a dating site that is unique to you, with the facility to fine-tune it even further as you go along.

Our template sites are the solution of choice for many entrepreneurs including online marketing specialists and affiliates because, like all of our packages, they give you exceptional control:

  • Fast-track setup within 24 hours with your own domain
  • Optimise your site for search engines by adding your own meta-tags
  • Use our in-built analytics package and/or integrate your own if you prefer
  • Choose from a vast range of professionally designed templates
  • Pre-select any criteria to make your site specific and cost effective to promote
  • Select any niche market for any type of site, including dating, adult, gay or Indian matrimonial
  • Instant capability for your customers to search our database of over 15 million members
  • Access to a full set of design tools to fine-tune your site; add new pages, directories, content and banners
  • Complete suite of administration tools to track the growth of your site, find out who's joining and from where, monitor your income flow and optimise your campaigns
  • Marketing support and tools to provide you with insights into how to grow your business, spot growing markets and encourage your target demographics to visit your site

Sign up today and you will receive automatic access to a vast range of fantastic templates that can be up and running within just 24 hours! This includes incorporating your own domain and populating your site with members.