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The WDP commission structure gives more money to affiliates than any other provider

NEW: Receive up to 100% of initial membership payments and 60% of recurring membership payments! Read on to find out more!

WDP Standard Commission Structure

We pay our partners and affiliates on a commission basis, using a "recurring model." The percentage that you earn is based upon your total monthly revenue, in other words, the more revenue that you generate, the more commission you earn. We have found that partners and affiliates greatly prefer the long term opportunities that this model provides, because it guarantees the most lucrative returns. Please note that promotions are excluded from the standard commission structure.

You earn a percentage of each "initial’’ payment made by a member of your site for the duration of that member’s lifetime, plus you receive a percentage of each "recurring’’ membership payment, also for the duration of that member’s lifetime. Please contact one of our account managers if you would like to discuss opportunities for preferential commission rates.

Partner level Monthly Revenue*, USD Initial Payments Recurring Payments
Bronze 0-49 50% 25%
50-99 60% 30%
100-499 65% 30%
Silver 500-999 65% 35%
1,000-1,999 75% 35%
Gold 2,000-4,999 75% 45%
Platinum 5,000-9,999 80% 45%
Diamond 10,000-14,999 90% 45%
15,000-24,999 100% 55%
25,000+ 100% 60%
  Promotions 75% 25%

* VAT is deducted from membership fees for UK customers.

Detailed breakdowns of your revenues can be found in your Business Control Center.

Bonus Campaign We are Offering to You Now

Starting from April, 1, 2011 World Dating Partners have been running a great bonus campaign to help partners to generate more revenue paying 100% commission from initial sales, which are better than the average initial sales amount for previous 12 months. The bonus is calculated for each site separately. For more details please visit our forum here.


Another important benefit of our system is the fact that all of our payment reports are generated real time, in other words, they precisely reflect your site’s activity, providing you with all of the necessary information to plan your cash-flow, your advertising budgets and your potential earnings.

Unlike many other dating service providers, we do not reserve any of your earnings for possible charge-backs – we only deduct the exact amount of charge-backs if and when they occur. Plus our advanced anti-fraud systems ensure that charge-backs remain below 1% risk level (although it is of course our partners’ responsibility to comply with banking regulations regarding "charge-backs" related to their members and any cost associated with this will be deducted from commission payments). We also require that our partners’ charge-backs do not exceed 2.5% of total payments.