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Measure your success rate with your own intelligent analytics

Having the ability to analyse and act on key information is vital to any business. With World Dating Partners you have a sophisticated but simple to use suite of tools at your fingertips, that no other network can offer.

Your Business Control Center incorporates a unique "Performance Tracker", an intelligent analytical tool, which uses a series of scoring systems to calculate the success of your site, and help you understand what’s going well, and where you can implement improvements. It formulates conversion rates and trends, warns you of potential risks, and enables you to estimate your spending capacity to ensure a healthy profit.

The Performance Tracker consists of two core elements - Risk Assessment and Success Rate.

Your site's Risk Assessment is calculated every month using your ratio of charge-backs and refunds compared to your total amount of transactions, which we base on the general Visa-MasterCard requirements.

There are four levels of risk:

  • No risk - your site charge-backs to transactions ratio falls within the acceptable 1.5% level and refunds don't exceed 5% of the overall sales amount
  • Medium Alert – charge-backs volume is within 1.5%-2% of the number of sales and/or refund volume is between 5% and 10%
  • High Alert – charge-backs volume is within 2.1%-2.5% of the number of sales and/or refund volume is between 10% and 20%
  • Emergency Brake – charge-backs volume is over 2.5% of the number of sales and/or refund volume is over 20%
  • If one or more of your sites or campaigns reaches Medium, High or Emergency Brake alert level, our system automatically sends you and your designated account manager a message warning of the potential risks.

    If your overall risk level is indicated by the system as a Medium Alert, we will contact you to help find a way of resolving the problem. If it reaches High Alert, your payment processing services and website or banner campaign in question will be reviewed, and if no further action is undertaken, and during the two following months the situation remains unchanged, the site or campaign in question will be deactivated. Emergency Brake alert level requires immediate action, and if within the next month the alert level remains unchanged, the site or banner campaign is automatically deactivated.

    Your site Success Rate is calculated in points (from 1 to 100) and is based upon the following data:

  • .Risk Index (20 points maximum)
  • Your traffic (15 points maximum)
  • Conversion rates from new unique visitors to members (10 points maximum)
  • Conversion rates from free members to paid members (20 points maximum)
  • Number of sub-partners (15 points maximum)
  • Time with World Dating Partners in “active promotion mode” (20 points maximum )
  • So, what do these figures actually mean?

    Risk Index. You will receive 20 points if all of your sites and banner campaigns have a No Risk alert level (see above). If any of them reach higher alert levels, your Risk Index score will decrease by 5 points for each level.

    Your traffic. This figure is based upon the number of unique visitors to your site per month. Up to 500 unique visitors will earn you 3 points in this section; 10,000+ every month will earn you the maximum 15 points.

    Conversion rates from new unique visitors to members. This figure indicates how targeted your traffic is, and how well it converts from visitors to free sign-ups. If you target your audience carefully and establish effective ways to make your front page more appealing to those who visit it, your conversion rate will be relatively high. When it reaches the 20% mark, you will earn the maximum 10 points in this category.

    Conversion rates from free members to paid members. Scoring points here is reliant upon how well you convert your free members to paid sign-ups. You can earn a maximum 20 points here when your conversion rates reach 60% and above. You may say that it depends upon the quality of the website and payment policies, but that's only half of the story. Analyse your statistics and demographics, and focus on targeting those visitors who are the best payers on your website; this will significantly increase your conversion rates.

    Number of sub-partners. Promoting your own partner programme and attracting new partners not only means that you earn 10% of their revenues, but you will also receive up to 15 points when your number of partners reaches 100 and above.

    Time with World Dating Partners in “active promotion mode”. Being in "active promotion mode" means that your site is attracting at least 10 new unique visitors each day. The longer you stay with us and actively promote your sites or banner campaigns, the more points you will earn in this section.

    Your overall Risk Assessment and Success Rate appear in a table on the front page of your Business Control Center. By clicking on each figure, you can access a further breakdown of these statistics for all of your sites or banner campaigns, providing you with a detailed explanation of how you've scored and highlighting the areas that need improvement.

    Your Performance Tracker offers invaluable guidance on how to promote your website and effectively develop your marketing plans. It will also determine your position in the Partner Directory, and if you do really well, you stand a very good chance of appearing among the top 10 partners in our general partner rating, which is also viewable in your Business Center.